Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I'll Miss Nerd Lunch: An Appreciation

Today in The Cube:

It doesn’t escape my notice that my last post before going on my extended Thanksgiving-Holiday Season break was a eulogy of a well-known fixture of pop culture. And now I return to raise a glass to another of my favorites that is walking off into the sunset sometime soon.
It was announced on Tuesday’s episode of the podcast, Nerd Lunch “Prime”, that the long-running podcast will be ending at a point in the future. The exact date isn’t known, and the discussion on the episode left open the possibility that they may continue podcasting even for another year. Still, the announcement somewhat shocked, and definitely made an impact on, me.
I wasn’t completely blindsided by it, to be honest. Last month saw the final episode of Nerd Lunch’s “Rabbit Hole” podcast, where members literally and deliberately fall down Wikipedia holes, starting from one entry and trying to reach another by judicious clicking of links. The end of this show, one of my favorites (and what initially attracted me to Nerd Lunch in the first place), made me wonder if any other big changes were in store.
And, apparently, they were.
Now, I don’t know any of the Nerd Lunch folks personally, and I won’t speculate on why the show is ending, simply because I haven’t a clue. I do know that podcasting and even blogging isn’t easy (I've done both), and can be very time consuming, especially in an increasingly crowded and, often, angry marketplace. The effort that you put in is almost universally unequal to the feedback and community engagement you get back. Bloggers I've had discussions with on Twitter are often at loggerheads about what to do about it. I don’t blame anybody who wants to take a break and/or try something new. 
While I was a relatively recent convert to Nerd Lunch (I’ve been listening for about the last year or so), I nevertheless felt that I knew the guys on the episodes. They were knowledgeable, they presented interesting topics, and they were funny and engaging. Furthermore, they were civil, convivial, and produced fun shows. 
Here’s hoping that whatever the next chapter will be for CT and all the rest of the Nerd Lunch crew, it will be fun, fulfilling, and just as nerdy.
Please put your trash in the receptacle.

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