Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Fantasy Crate - the BEST Magic Subscription Box

Today in The Cube:

The great contents of my January FantasyCrate, a subscription box for Magic players!

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Magic player. Unfortunately, I can't get to my Friendly Local Gaming Store as often as I'd like. Also, I really enjoy getting mail. So, the creation of a subscription box for Magic players is right up my alley.

I've tried other Magic subscription boxes in the past. MTG Brew Box was great - punctual, nice items, but sadly folded due to financial and health issues. The more famous Monthly Magic Box, while it included great quality items, is notoriously late and, unfortunately, has very lackluster communication with subscribers (example: they ignored my request to cancel my subscription, and I had to manually go and cancel the payment myself after weeks of waiting).

Enter FantasyCrate. A fairly new enterprise (they've only been sending out crates for a few months as of this writing), they've nevertheless hit the ground running, and are doing a bang-up job so far.

I recently received by first FantasyCrate (their 6-pack-a-month "Draft Crate"), and was impressed with its contents: a nice playmat featuring a flying, fire-breating dragon; a set of high-quality deck sleeves; a token pad and lifepad; and, of course, 6 packs of Khans of Tarkir (from which I pulled a Bloodstained Mire, thank you very much).

Now, any subscription box can contain nifty items. Here's where FantasyCrate is impressive:

1. Choice
Unlike other Magic boxes, FC has two options to choose from: the $30.95/month "Magic Crate," which includes 3 packs, a mystery item worth $12.95,  and a few other things (dice, playmat, etc.), or the $29.95/month "Draft Crate" which includes 6 packs, and a few extra items.

2. Communication
FC is great at communicating with their subscribers, whether its answering questions on Twitter, or sending out emails about whether or not they expect the box to reach you on time.

3. On Time
This is huge. FC has built a reputation on being on time. Of course, that's not always going to happen - and rather than hide this fact, they're open and honest about it. If your box is going to be shipped late due to, say, the holiday season, they'll tell you. This happened to me recently, and they actually sent a second email to let us know that the shipping was happening faster than expected. I got my box the next business day. That's service.

So if you're a Magic player and interested in getting Magic awesomeness sent straight to your door, check FantasyCrate out!

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