Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ghost Hunting - For Real

Today in The Cube:

As befits the season, I like doing spooky stuff during October - creepy historical tours being among my sweet spots.
Thus, my wife & I jumped at the chance to be a part of a group accompanying a team of ghost hunters into the Old Sandusky County Jail in Fremont, Ohio. The building - complete with gallows on the third floor (last used in 1883 to hang a man who killed his cheating wife) and actual stone-hewn dungeon well below ground - was built in 1840 and gas had extensive renovations since then. It is also highly reputed to be haunted.
The highlight of the tour was the dungeon. We only investigated two sections of it - another wing trailed off into dark obscurity. An inmate had reportedly killed himself there long ago, and in the pitch-blackness the hunters used their equipment and attempted to get his attention. My wife and others felt decided cold spots - and the hunters' meters went crazy in there. Fun!

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