Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hex: The Lost Tribe Kickstarter Announced!

Today in The Cube:

Kue Cha's Hex: The Lost Tribe has been been rumbling and rattling around conventions and the internet for a while now. A mashup of Conan, Red Sonja, and The Walking Dead, complete with elephantine goliaths, beautiful Amazons, and more ravening hordes than you can shake a stick at, it looks for all the world to be a blast.

However, it has YET to make it to newsstands and comic shops. Cha and his team are working to get it financed and finished and doing their best to spread the word. I had the honor of meeting Cha at +Dragon*Con this past year, purchased the two promotional sketchbooks for the title and saw some of the immense, intricate, beautiful pencil work that is being prepared for the title. I was blown away.

So, when Cha announced on the Hex: The Lost Tribe page on DeviantArt that they are planning a Kickstarter to bring the project to completion, I was all ears.

The project, originally slated to go live on Kickstarter on Jan. 7, has been pushed back slightly but is still supposed to premier in the month of January. Comics greats Joe Benitez and Lenil Francis Yu are said to be contributing their talents for prizes to backers.

I think I'll have to lay some money down for this one...

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