Friday, January 11, 2013

Dejah Thoris + Power Girl = Awesomesauce

Today in The Cube:

Comics great Drew Johnson has taken on a sort of unique commission I asked him to do: a combination of Dejah Thoris and Power Girl. The reason I asked for this was simple: when getting commissions, I usually ask for either one character or the other, and I decided what the hell, I'd ask for something offbeat. Hes absolutely doing a killer job.

Johnson operates a great blog called The Commission Window, where he posts updates to all the commissions he's doing. CHECK IT OUT! Link is below.

The Commission Window: PowerThoris Part 4---And The Window Is Closed: The nearly finished full figure---Just gotta add the sword and spot some blacks in the cape. Man, this has been a fun one. Who knows, I m...

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