Monday, September 10, 2012

Gaming Perspectives: Returning to Magic (And Ravnica)

Today in The Cube:

I'm returning to Ravnica... are YOU?

So, I'm back to playing Magic: The Gathering.

I'd been on a hiatus for a few months – scheduling had gotten too hectic with my regular playgroup and, frankly, the game was getting expensive, so I hung up my decks and set things aside for a while.

Then came DragonCon, and my first tournament in about six months. In which I finished above dead last (FOURTH by golly) for the fist time ever (due, actually, not to any brilliance on my part but because my opponents in the Swiss format dropped out). This boosted my confidence, as did the fact that my casual deck (a semi-Modern mono-Black mana ramp) did well in casual play, and even with me Intro pack deck I didn't suck as badly as I thought.

So... I'm back in the game. Officially. I bought a re-pack box of M13 for $30 and have a Common/Uncommon playset from Return to Ravnica  on it's way as soon as the silly thing premiers.

The thing I need are players, which are few and far between there I'm at. Thankfully, there's an active group of players at the local university, and I've played there before. Friday Night Magic for real, coming up.

I've also been playing Magic Online for a while and finally came back to it a week ago. I love it, and the ability to play a varied group of people is fun. Now, the pain is the cards are just as expensive as regular cards, and you can't transfer your physical collection online, but oh, well. My White/Black Token Storm has been doing pretty well. So there.

So, the next block is Return to Ravnica, and I'm interested. The last few blocks have been great. I absolutely loved Zendikar, New Phyrexia blew my mind, and the Innistrad block has got to be my favorite of all time, both in concept and in gameplay.

I remember the old Ravnica cards – Ghost Council of Orzhova was my favorite – and a number of the new cards seem promising. I like Street Spasm, and I can see myself getting a LOT of use out of Dreadbore and Auger Spree. Rakdos's Return will be an absolute bear.

I'm going to try and keep curret and do my best to play some good Standard stuff.

We'll see.

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