Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini-Review: Apps & The Kindle Fire

Today in The Cube:

I have a Kindle Fire and am, after a hiatus where I rarely used it, completely addicted to it. Though I'm a big reader, I rarely use the device for ebooks - more often than not I'm using apps and games. As a matter of fact, I'm blotting on this bad boy RIGHT NOW!

Games and video play like great guns on this thing, and while the wifi antenna can be temperamental, it's still worthwhile to stream the Netflix app on it. My main beef is that loads of apps I can get for my DROID phone I can't get for the Kindle - Instagram, GetGlue, Google+, even Blogger, aren't in the Amazon Kindle App Store & I had to get them from a third-party site. Oh, well.

So, there's my mini-review of the Kindle Fire.

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