Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BASHCon Coverage Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Today in The Cube:

I will be attending and covering the University of Toledo's 27th Annual BASHCon gaming convention this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 17-19). My coverage will consist of live tweets during the event, as well as photos that I will post to Twitter during the proceedings. Afterwards I will have wrap-up posts here at SuperPopCultureCube.

You can find me on Twitter at @popculturecube.

What is BASHCon, you ask? It's an amazing gaming convention held in the Toledo area, that this year will feature events from all avenues of gaming, from tabletop strategy to TCGs to RPGs to video games, miniatures battles, and even LARPing. I've signed up for D&D and Pathfinder sessions, HeroClix events, a dungeon crawl minis game, and a Magic: The Gathering draw tourney, but will not confine my coverage to those only.

For those in the Toledo area wanting to get in on the fun, there's still time to register - a weekend badge is only $15, and most events are only $1 to join in (though tourneys for HeroClix, Magic and other games do cost more).

Roll them 20s!

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