Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zombie Outlaw an Outrageous Undead Romp

Today in The Cube:

Looking for an alternative to all of those 'serious' zombie comics out there? Want a hefty dose of wackiness with your undead hijinks?

Then Zombie Outlaw is for you.

The brainchild of creators Brian Apodaca and B. Paul Jordan, Zombie Outlaw follows a small cadre of unlikely allies at Irvine State University: Matt Naismith, "the geek"; K. T. Delaney, the lovely object of his hapless affections; and Will Simers, Matt's occult-obsessed resident advisor. Two issues - #1 and the #2 ashcan, have so far been released and based on these items the series looks cool!

The Summary: While studying in the stacks of the ISU library, Will and Matt stumble upon the tomb of the Zombie Outlaw, a mummified savior of the school who, in days gone by, had fended off an unspeakable  invasion of the undead. Accidentally awakening the monster, Will is bitten, and the curse transferred to him. The balance of Issue #1 and the Issue #2 ashcan are taken up with the ensuing battle as Will/Zombie Outlaw runs amok in the library and then, returning to his former state, recovers from his wounds.

Though it's early, I think this comic has a lot of potential - Apodaca has a nice grasp on his characters and the Evil Dead/Incredible Hulk/Bubba Ho-Tep elements work nicely together. We've really only seen the origin story so far, so I'm interested to see how things turn out when the series and its major story arcs get going.

Jordan's art is fun and funky - the cartoony elements of his human characters add to the obvious humor of the tale, while his skill at rendering disgustipating zombie horrors balances things out well. The Zombie Outlaw himself, a sort of western-style mummified Hulk, is very cool - the animation look of the beast is really well done - some of the work reminds me (favorably) of Nate Piekos' early work on his great webcomic, ATLAND. The art makes a major jump in quality between Issue #1 and the #2 ashcan, so we can no doubt expect further artistic innovations as the series progresses.

If you enjoy zombie romps like Shaun of the Dead, The Last of the Living and Zombieland, give Zombie Outlaw a try!

To purchase the issues, just visit COMIXPRESS, and to get more of the skinny on the series itself, check out the Zombie Outlaw WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page.

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