Sunday, October 16, 2011

BASHCon XXVII 2012 Dates Announced!

Today in The Cube:

Those living in the Midwest should do themselves a favor and check out BASHCon! The gaming convention will run Feb. 17-19 in 2012. The website is currently up, with event lists being posted currently. Registration will be available in November (and is reasonably priced). Participation in events and games is often just $1 apiece.

Run by a student organization at the University of Toledo campus in Toledo, Ohio, the con is a celebration of gaming, from LARPing to pen & paper RPGs to Magic: The Gathering, board games, miniatures gaming, and so much more. While a smallish con (it draws about 1,000 attendees each year), the students who run it do a terrific job. There are a great number of dealers and a HUGE number of fun gaming events. One day of the con last year, I played Pathfinder for 8 hours and still had time for other events and a Magic tourney. One of the highlights of the event is an auction where attendees bring all kinds of items related to gaming, comics and pop culture – it's entertaining even if you don't bid!

Looking forward to it!

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