Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New 52 MicroReviews: Resurrection Man #1 & Animal Man #1

Today in The Cube:

Slowly but surely making my way through a goodly number of DC Comics' New 52 reboots. Here are my thoughts on a couple so far, in brief:

Resurrection Man #1: I always loved the concept behind this character: an immortal superhero who wakes up with a new superpower each time he returns from the dead. The writing does a good job of evoking the confusion and intuition needed to cope with this kind of ability; the art is a little scratchy but well done. I'm a little skeptical about the whole supernatural "powers Upstairs and Downstairs want his soul" angle introduced here. Also, the explanation of Mitch's powers late in the issue was unnecessary - it was fun just figuring it out for myself.

Animal Man #1: The strange, frightening-looking cover says it all - this isn't your usual superhero comic, and that's a good thing. Animal Man is an activist and sometime stuntman/actor who has basically hung up his tights, but still enjoys getting out and fighting crime as a means to use his powers (which allow him to sample the abilities of all the animals of the world). He's also juggling a busy home life. However, something's off with his powers, and it may be causing problems with his family. The final full-page panel of this issue stopped me cold. Chilling. I'll definitely be buying issue #2. The quirky-looking art is well done.

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