Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Vol. 5

Today in The Cube:

You can't go wrong with Mark Schultz.
The creator of Xenozoic Tales (later shortened to Xenozoic, and immortalized as a Saturday morning cartoon under the title Cadillacs & Dinosaurs), Schultz has a style harkening back to the days when Frank Frazetta still did pen-and-ink work, and EC Comics held sway over the American teenage imagination.
Now, in his latest collection of art, Various Drawings Vol. 5, Schultz again displays just why he's so darn good.
Published by Flesk Publications, Schultz has been putting out these slim (40+ pages) volumes for the past few years (Vol. 2 is nearly impossible to find at reasonable prices) showing works in progress, scribbles, and, as the subtitle of this book attests, "graphic adventures in a thrilling array of carbon media." In other words, well-rendered pencil sketches.
These images run the gamut in this book, from drawings of his Xenozoic heroes Jack Tenrek and Hannah Dundee in their native habitat, to Eve & the Serpent, 1950s sci-fi themes (nuclear explosions, giant insect invasions, etc.) science-fantasy, mythology (a nifty pencil, and then inked version, of the goddess Artemis) as well as commissions-in-progress.
Each of the books in the series so far has had a gatefold showing the various stages of completion of a particular work, and this volume is no exception, showing a wonderful rendering of sailors from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in full underwater gear rescuing a maiden from the clutches of a giant octopus while the Nautilus floats serenely in the background. It's a very exciting image, even for the most jaded fan of fantasy art.
This book is definitely not to be missed!
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