Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Check out: 'Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor'

Today in The Cube:

So, tired of sexist images of chainkini-clad Red Sonja-types in your fantasy art and comic books?
Er... well, even if you're not, you should check out the blog Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor.
It is, quite honestly, as the same says: pictures from any number of sources of fantasy and sci-fi related female characters in armor that could actually PROTECT them in a fight as opposed to chafing and leaving them open to all sorts of horrible wounds.
Essentially, the site tacitly asks the question (and reasonably so): what's the deal with how female fantasy/sci-fi characters are dressed/portrayed? Why aren't they given more credit? The site quite ably shows that the characters can be well-armed and armored and still be beautiful and feminine.
There you'll find pictures of Metroid's Samus, female knights, lady samurai, and all other kinds of femmes dangereuses who look as though they could survive a full-scale, Pellanor Fields-style Donnybrook.
Take a look and enjoy!

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