Sunday, August 7, 2011

'Magic' Mania - 2012 Core Set and 'Innistrad'

Today in The Cube:

Seems like Magic: The Gathering news is coming hard and fast - New Phyrexia is going strong (and may be my favorite expansion since Rise of the Eldrazi), Core Set 2012 was just released July 15, and now I learn that the new expansion, Innistrad, is set for release this fall! (You can pre-order it online at Miniature Market).
With the tagline "Horror Lurks Within," Innistrad will be a large set of 264 cards, and the first in a 3-set block, which has become common for Magic. It will be released September 30.
The expansion symbol resembles a sort of stylized demon's trident, making me think that this 57th expansion set is going to have a darker, spookier focus than others in the past. While the recent Zendikar and Mirrodin expansion blocks focused on massive planes-wide conflicts and their aftermath, I'm thinking that Magic is going to shift gears (this, of course, is simply my own speculation) and deeply examine a world of darkling terror in a more classical horror vein. Sounds like the perfect expansion to release in the fall, which is Halloween season! Can't wait to see what the deal is.

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