Sunday, July 24, 2011

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer is Out!

Today in The Cube:

So, the teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot of the franchise, is out now (see above). The film looks interesting - the shots from Spider-Man's point-of-view are something new, though if they're in the trailer it doesn't mean they'll be in the finished film. The lead actor playing Peter Parker is certainly a departure from Toby Maguire, but he certainly has the Peter Parker 'look' (meaning, well, kind of geeky).
It looks as though some of the major conflict in the film will be about Peter Parker's parents, who they were and where they've gone. I don't know if that's necessary (that was covered years ago in the comics). It's good to see Martin Sheen, of West Wing fame, stepping into the role of Uncle Ben. However, as everyone knows, Uncle Ben is doomed to die, so I wonder just how much of a role he'll have.
I am a little miffed that this going to be an origin story AGAIN. Why they just couldn't have kept the franchise going, just replacing the principles from the previous Sam Raimi-directed films, I don't know.
Also - who's the villain? Certainly, this is a "teaser," but some hint as to who Parker will be battling would be nice.
There seem to be so many reboots lately - X-Men is the most recent, but they've also tried to reboot Superman, James Bond, and, of course, Batman (the third and final film is out next year). It's basically become clear from this that Hollywood is realizing they've been making a mistake in how they handle these characters. We'll see if they can do any better.

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